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At APT Pest we pride ourselves in delivering honest work with integrity to all of our customers.  If you would like to share your experience working with us, please do so!

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A P T has been my choice for pest control since 2007, and Eric has been my same technician. He is always on
time, calls before arriving, and is very knowledgeable, conscientious, and courteous. I am a very satisfied A P T
customer, and welcome them into my now pest free home.

Jackie Dell

I have used APT Pest Control for nearly 7 years. I have found them very professional and courteous. They always call and remind me of my 3 month application. The tech is always on time and thorough. If I ever have a problem between applications, they always come back out and fix the problem. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone as I would not use another pest control myself.


APT Pest Control is a company that operates with the highest integrity and responsibility. The owner and his staff are extremely courteous and helpful. I have used APT Pest Control for the last ten years. They have come to my rescue many times., If I have ever had an emergency, a representative arrived at my house within an hour after I called the company. APT Pest Control has very reasonable rates, the representatives are always on time, and most of all they take care of all my pest and unwanted critter needs.

Sandy Harris

I have used Phil for close to ten years now in my rental properties and also my house. I can’t imagine why anyone would use one of the larger companies. The personal service Phil and his team provide can not be replicated and his prices are fantastic. Thanks Phil!


We’ve been doing business with Phil for 8 years. He guarantees his work. He’ll also brighten your day e with his sly, dry sense of humor.

Irvin Olson

Great service at a great price! I have already recommended them to my brother.

Jon Ammons